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Growth Partner

In motherhood: EduAccess is positioned to support young, working mothers who need to get back to work shortly after delivery or maternity leave and require trusted daycare/crèche to look after their babies while at work.   EduAccess is there to support by providing a variety of daycare/centres to pick from.  Click here to begin your search 

We do not stop there, we understand that raising kids can be a daunting, so we go the entire journey with you from the cradle to adulthood by bringing together the people, products, services and support you would need to make this a successful adventure. From creche, to schools, to children's toys, books, clothes, health and financial information and experts, parental advice and lots more all within a click! Read on to find out how we make this possible.  

In Educational Support for your children

With over 2,000 schools including daycare, crèche, Nursery, Primary,  Secondary and vocational schools in Lagos and a growing list of schools nationwide, EduAccess is where to start your search.

That’s not all…..

We are your go-to source for professional and experienced home tutors.  We provide access to just the right resource persons to help achieve your aspiration for your children’s education. Also, if you are looking for professionals who can help you through the process of finding the right school for your children abroad at affordable rates, you are in the right place. Kindly visit our business connect page to begin your search. https://eduaccess.ng/business-connect

In Parenting

You can also find resources and information that will enrich your parenting experience in our support groups and blogs. Whether you are new to parenting, experienced, a single parent or parents from a regular home, our experience sharing platform is a great resource and a community you sure want to be a part of.

Click here to join!.

In Business

Are you an entrepreneur or SME in the educational sector? Do your products or services meet the needs of children, young mothers, schools, teachers, and learning? EduAccess is where you want to be, trust us! EduAccess provides the opportunity for you to market directly to your target audience. Given the huge opportunity for direct selling, increased sales, awareness, visibility, and growth, leveraging our where would you rather be? Click here to register your business for free!


For schools: If you own a school, or any educational institution, you can partner with EduAccess to achieve higher returns on investment.  We can support by helping streamline your marketing activities to support the achievement of your business goals. EduAccess also provides a free platform to help schools optimize their recruitment process and save cost. Schools can hire the right talent from EduAccess, including top notch subject teachers, special needs teachers and Care givers. Click here to register your school for free! 




Partnerships:  EduAccess is in partnership with support service providers who provide home support staff for busy executives including trained and professional nannies, cooks and driver. New 





Marketing and Research: Based on request, EduAccess carries out research for businesses in the educational services sector including schools. If you need industry insights to help set you apart from competition? Talk to us today.

Email: [email protected], [email protected], or Call 08027320318