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It was a Friday evening in the month of May, after a very busy week, I was actually looking forward to sleeping off in hubby's arms while watching whatever he had for us to see that evening little did I know the day had its own plans.

I heard that sound as I drove off from the office but it sounded like a drag from the tires and not from  the car itself.  I wound up for a while for some AC, even though I am not such an Ac person and also  decided to try the Eko Hotel route home that evening. My colleague who took me home some days back took that route a few times and it seemed okay. As we approached the roundabout I heard that sound again, this time I wound down a bit to listen properly. I was convinced it was this big black jeep beside me and so I continued.

As I tried to speed off after leaving the traffic at the round about the sound was there again. Still in doubt, I moved past the other vehicles and slowed down so I could listen properly to the sound and where it was coming from, i turned off the music I was listening to an tried to accelerate again and ahah! there it was, the grinding sound again, like it was shutting down. This time there was car to point an accusing finger to or any other sound to cover it up, it was my car making that horrible sound all the while. It was a bit hard to believe as the car just returned from the mechanic a few days back after nearly a month. I looked at the dashboard everything seemed okay, stepped on the accelerator it was moving, tried the brakes that was also good, so what could be wrong? I was a bit terrified as there was just as I found a place to park, smoke started coming out from the bonnet. Thankfully where I parked was right in front of a mechanic who assumed it was an overheating problem and assured me there was nothing to worry about. Still the temperature on the dashboard was reading normal.

The first guy told me to be thankful I stopped when I did as the car engine would have ‘knocked’ like we say in our local parlance if I had gone for another 5 minutes or less. Phew!!!

So what is this story about?

It's about warning signals and how we sometimes ignore them and get into trouble or how we heed them and get saved from troubles.

In life, all sorts of red lights flash in front us, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, name it. That uncanny feeling deep within that something is not right about that relationship, about your child, colleague, spouse, neighbor and so on. That persistent thought about that person you never got to call, only to find out later that they just passed on.  That flashing feeling that you shouldn't have opened the door so quickly without double checking like you always do, but because you heard your neighbors voice you opened and armed robbers invaded your home. That pain you never checked out on time till it was too late. Hmmmm.... sounds familiar?

What life's warning signal are you ignoring? Like my car that day and like with most cars, sometimes there is a sign that something is wrong or even right, do not always ignore this signs, they could make the difference between life and death between loss and profit, between winning and losing, between here and there. Do not go through life like a ship without a sail, God put those signs within us to guide us and create a pathway for him to help us.

So watch out for the next signal life brings your way. Be life smart! Be watchful and Be sensitive!!!!