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Is it possible to love your children equally?


Jude (6) and Jane (8) were at it again, fighting over their toys, each trying to pull the teddy bear to their side. Jude though younger mustered his strength as the male factor and yanked the toy from his sister. The force of the pull made Jane land on the floor with her bum. Then it happened, Jane let out a loud scream that made Mike their Father come running down the stairs, Jude knew what was coming and began to chant, 'I didn't touch her, Daddy I didn't touch her!!',  But it was too late or it didn't matter, Jude still got spanked for making his sister cry. But this was not always the case when the table turned. Joy, wife to Mike and mother to Jude and Jane has tried to help Mike see how his open show of affection skewed more towards Jane... Read More

Over the last 20 years, dozens of studies have confirmed what parents have known intuitively for a long time: Sitting down for a nightly dinner is good for the spirit, the brain, and the body. Research shows that shared meals are tied to many teenage behaviors that parents pray for: reduced rates of substance abuse, eating disorders and depression; and higher grade point averages and self-esteem. For young children, conversation at the table is a bigger vocabulary booster than reading aloud to them. The icing on the cake is... Read More


Dear fellow moms,

Hope you all are doing well and your little ones are thriving too. I am writing to you all to let you know that I am withdrawing myself from the competitive parenting race. I quit, right at the starting point and would no longer be running the race with you.   I accept that I am a bit nervous for you all might judge me and my child for quitting, and what more might label us as losers too. But before you jump to it, would you please spare a few minutes to read this until the end? It's a tad bit long but then I wanted to make my point and had a lot to vent out!... Read More