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By admin on Tue, 10/11/2016 - 15:36

My heart broke as I listened to two wonderful and brave ladies share their story on ELTV  a few days back on sexual abuse. While a part of me was happy for them because they had overcome their past and gone on to become successful, my heart broke as I listened to Unfortunately, we hear these things all the time to the point that it is almost the norm When is this going to stop? My short answer? Not any time soon…

I say not anytime soon when I think of the madness called sexual abuse raving our world. I say not any time soon if we do nothing. I have heard of some mothers know that their kids are being abused and yet do nothing because they claim they want to save their marriage, and I ask, what marriage?  A true life story was shared on Aunt Landa’s show about a woman whose 7 year old daughter was being abused by her father, yet the mother still wanted to protect the man and her marriage. I heard of a woman who saw another neighbor’s little girl come out a guy’s room in the same compound limping and unable to walk properly, yet said nothing. The next week, the same neighbor raped her own little daughter. So tell me how, this will end, when those who are meant to speak up, do nothing?

The statistics on rape and sexual abuse against young girls is mind blowing, and I ask who will protect the girl child? One of the ladies who told her story in the TV programme I mentioned earlier, told of how her own father abused her sexually. I cried at that point, because if a girl cannot trust her father, the one that is meant to protect her, who can she trust?

This is a collective call to action, to every man, woman, boy and girl to be a sister’s keeper! Do you suspect any foul play with any girl child around you, do something! Do not just suspect. Are we watching out for the young ones? Please let your answer be yes!

Join us and join the world as we celebrate The International Day of the Girl Child. Say No to abuse, rape, child marriage, any form of molestation at all.  Join the conversation on twitter using the #dayofthegirl  don’t forget to share your views here as well


Happy International Day of The Girl Child.