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By admin on Wed, 08/17/2016 - 15:22

As we celebrate our teachers today, I remember two remarkable teachers who made an impact in my life. Do not get me wrong, I have been blessed with great teachers, all of whom time and space would fail me to talk about in this post. Today I’d like to celebrate two of my great teachers.

One was Mrs. Doregos, as we fondly called her. Mrs. Doregos was my first encounter of what we call ‘Britico’ training in my part of the world ‘Britico’ means British (lol). 

As I was saying, Mrs. Doregos, my Britico teacher stood out among many, she accepted no excuses for not doing your home work, no excuses for lateness to school, dirty nails, shabby looks including hair and clothes. To be in her class, you must have a proper haircut, neatly cut and trimmed finger nails, the right shoes and stockings and the right attitude!. One of the things I remember the most about my Dear Mrs. Doregos, was her insistence on how we should write and the right posture. She taught us to write with our books in front of our desks, not slanted when writing and our fingers placed beside the notebook, while we sat up.
Goosh don’t know if I ever got that hundred percent right all the time but she seemed to see that I was trying hard and just helped me each time. God! Did my wrist hurt! (smiles). She did a great job at grooming, right pronunciation, spelling and of course reading. She was my primary 2 teacher….

My other teacher was Uncle Tim, my Children Sunday teacher. Oh! How I cried the day uncle Tim announced he was leaving for Italy. Did I say cry?, no, I wept! Lol! To make it worse, I was chosen to be among the kids who would sing at his farewell. I could hardly get the words out; I sang amidst tears, I couldn’t accept that my favorite Sunday school teacher was leaving….

Uncle Tim, was always spirited, oh, so spirited and animated. You will never forget a lesson taught by Uncle Tim. Uncle Tim, taught us the story of prophet Elijah and the prophets of Baal, which was my favorite bible story for a long time. I was so in love with the story that I’d get my class mates together when our teacher was away and put me in charge and told them the story, trying to demonstrate the way Uncle Tim would do it. I chuckle now, picturing Uncle Tim, trying to show us how the prophets of Baal cried frantically for Baal, by using his hands as a knife to cut his body, in the most animated way I ever saw. Uncle Tim went beyond his role as a teacher and acted like a father, real Uncle, big brother, just name it. He would take us out for outings, and used every of those opportunity to teach us great lessons.

Till date, when I get good remarks about my handwriting, I remember Mrs. Doregos, and all her hard work at trying to ensure we wrote properly and in the right posture. I kings 18, always brings back the memories of Uncle Tim, who taught us very valuable lessons about God and helped to groom us into responsible adults. 

I have had the great privilege of being taught by great teachers in my life, different teachers with different grace at various stages of my life, and I deeply appreciate all of them. To all the men and women who keep giving their all for the rest of us to be our best, I salute you! May you be greatly rewarded, here and in the life to come.

Happy Teachers Day!!!!