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Credit alert!  Your account has been credited with the sum of xxxx. I looked closely to see the name of the sender, it was from Bem, my husband! Wow! What happened? It wasn't my birthday or the kids'. Pardon my reaction, it's been a while my husband sent me money, this sum of money especially. That reminds me, I have also noticed some changes lately. Our spare room has been much tidier than ever, shoes in their rack, clothes either hung or neatly folded in the wardrobe, no litter on the floor, toilet clean, etc. Hmmmm...what could be going on? Is Bem cheating? Did another woman come into my home in my absence to do all that work? It doesn't stop there, Bem has changed in other ways too. He gets to do things swifter than before I don't get to talk so much before he gets things done... Read More

Is it possible to love your children equally?


Jude (6) and Jane (8) were at it again, fighting over their toys, each trying to pull the teddy bear to their side. Jude though younger mustered his strength as the male factor and yanked the toy from his sister. The force of the pull made Jane land on the floor with her bum. Then it happened, Jane let out a loud scream that made Mike their Father come running down the stairs, Jude knew what was coming and began to chant, 'I didn't touch her, Daddy I didn't touch her!!',  But it was too late or it didn't matter, Jude still got spanked for making his sister cry. But this was not always the case when the table turned. Joy, wife to Mike and mother to Jude and Jane has tried to help Mike see how his open show of affection skewed more towards Jane... Read More

Education planning,


Naturally, it is the desire of every parent or guardian to give their children the best possible start in life. One of the best ways to build a foundation for a secure future is through a sound education. Education opens doors to many opportunities and is a necessity in today’s global economy. For the vast majority of people, funding your children’s education ranks as one of the largest expenses you will ever face and it must thus be carefully planned for.

Start saving now

If your children are still babies or toddlers, thinking about their future education may seem like a lifetime away. However, with the rising costs of education, the earlier you start making financial provision for this most important goal, the better. Certainly, the most... Read More